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Trusted Coronavirus (COVID-19) global data from our community experts.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Data Tracker

COVID-19 case data is the most important data right now. It’s the basis of how we’re seeing and measuring the impact of this virus in the world. We are providing a global coronavirus tracker to help you stay updated on the confirmed case and death totals, the spread of coronavirus, and the places most impacted by this pandemic.
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this time-lapse, updated every friday, illustrates the spread of covid-19 from march 1, 2020.

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this dashboard from the provides state-level trends as well as other metrics on testing and hospitalizations. the dashboard also includes a look at demographics, showcasing an analysis of how covid-19 and compounds underlying health and economic disparities.

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Starter kits and prepared data to help you do your own analysis to understand the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Don't have Tableau? Download our free trial to get started.

Special thanks to Tableau Zen Masters , , , and for all of their work to make these resources more accessible to the public.

jumpstart workbook

COVID-19 Cases Starter Workbook

体育竞猜投注appthis downloadable workbook includes a starter dashboard as well as an embedded connection to trusted covid-19 activity data. this data is sourced from the as well as (who is aggregating data from state and local governments and health departments for the united states). anyone can blend their own data with this workbook to better understand the impact on their organization.

This datasource is updated daily by 12 p.m. PT.

Access the data


get started with the covid activity api hosted on mulesoft’s anypoint . you can use this api to leverage covid-19 data on cases, deaths, testing, hospitalizations, ventilator use, and more.

AWS Data Exchange

体育竞猜投注appthe aws data exchanges makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. you can subscribe to covid-19 activity data and more for free at the in the aws data exchange.

covid-19 case data can be directly downloaded or accessed through a web data connector from, a platform for data that enables users to post, search, and collaborate on data sets on a large and meaningful scale.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for All Data Sources

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Viz responsibly

as you use covid-19 data, it’s important to remember that, while the underlying data comes from trusted sources, it’s difficult to estimate an accurate count for the number of covid-19 cases worldwide because of the vastly different approaches to both testing and reporting. also remember, even data visualizations based on accurate data can be misleading.

Read more about data viz best practices related to COVID-19 and 10 considerations before you create another chart about COVID-19.

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体育竞猜投注appfrom healthcare to hr, our partners are providing solutions to help industries kickstart their data-driven journey back to business

Keep Patients Safe Workbook

体育竞猜投注appslalom’s cosafe dashboard helps hospital leaders connect to their data sources to quickly view critical hospital level data, from patient data to ppe availability. adapt this template for your hospital's systems to rapidly assess, diagnose and act for covid-19 response.

Human Resources Starter Workbook

lovelytics, a tableau, data analytics, and geospatial services firm, combines coronavirus (covid-19) data with human resources data to help protect employees and implement a return to normal operations.

Healthcare Analytics Starter Workbook

UChicago Medicine is using this suite of dashboards to ensure the best possible care to patients, protect its frontline doctors and nurses, and make the most of available resources. Please note these are built from dummy data and do not reflect current or past outcomes.

Credit Risk Workbook

covid-19 has forced lending providers and governments to alter their policies to accommodate borrowers. see how slalom built a suite of real-time reports to allow risk management on the fly, enabling firms to shift strategy and anticipate new borrowing behaviors in today's environment.

In a time like this, when quick, accurate decisions can have both an immediate and lasting impact, St. Mary’s Bank is glad to have made the investment in a data solution and a data culture.

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体育竞猜投注app working with mulesoft and salesforce, we built an open and resilient flow of public covid-19 data, made available as open apis and within tableau public to be used in applications and new visualizations by anyone. the covid-19 data platform ingests and aggregates data across public sources and curates them into standardized data models that can be reliably used to make data-driven decisions. it teams will be able to move faster by leveraging these apis and developer resources instead of manually building those from scratch.

Additional COVID-19 data sources

global database of scientific findings on coronavirus

体育竞猜投注app covid-19 data research repository from johns hopkins university

build for novel coronavirus data set on github

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